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LettuceBeDifferent is a common place for those who eat or cook for someone with gluten and dairy allergies. The inspiration for LBD came from my husband who was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. Since then we have learned so much. Like making vegetables the primary focus of our meals instead of replacing foods with carb heavy foods. Reducing our consumption of grains because at one point we realized we couldn't eat like 20 year olds, and finally learning dairy was contributing to discomfort in the whole family.

I personally do not suffer from celiac disease, but I understand how complicated and confusing it can be when someone you love gets sick from the everyday foods we enjoy so much. I understand how complicated it can be to cook one meal for my husband, something else for a picky child, and something else for me. Dinner should't require you to make 3 meals to make everyone happy. I also understand when I listen to my body I feel better and less bloaty when off gluten. 

LettuceBeDifferent is here to help with things from navigating the grocery store, providing healthy meal ideas, and finding safe foods, snacks, and eateries we can all enjoy.   

Follow me around Colorado to find local dinning options, Read the blog for recipe updates, and Lettuce Be Different. Living with food allergies does not have to suck.